How to choose a suitable professional skateboard

1. To first clear their own purpose to buy a board or to practice skills. The step is mainly small fish board and similar shape of the board, the main skills of the longboard and double warped.

2. Set your own budget and choose the appropriate skateboard according to your economic ability. At present double warped lowest 50USD left and right sides, longboard lowest 100USD left and right sides.

3. You buy skateboards in online shops and physical skateboard shops. Pay attention to professional skateboard shops, avoid buying children's toy skateboards, which may affect future practice.

4. The skateboard is composed of five parts: surface, sandpaper, bridge, wheel, and bearing. All the components except sandpaper have different properties and shapes. The use way that passes oneself and foot feel choose advisably.

5. Wear protective gear when skateboarding, pay attention to physical and mental safety, and pay attention to pedestrians and vehicles when skating.

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