How to Start an Electric Skateboard Quickly?

Step 1: Bring your electric skateboard to the middle side of your front foot, if you have your right foot in front, put it on your right hand, and if you have your left foot in front, put it on your left hand.

Step 2: When you run forward, you should flick (drag)the types of skateboards board along the ground, and please do not throw it.

Step 3: The moment you board head (or front wheel) is about to land, just put your front foot up and step on the position of the front axle nail group, tippy toes forward, and follow your center of gravity to step on the board.

Practice Tips: You can practice with these simple commands "one, two, three, before and after...", one steps out the front foot, two steps out the back foot, three missteps on the board with the front foot. As you get used to the rhythm, you can have a longer run-up.


1. When you put the skateboard, you should experience the feeling of "flick" and "drag", and slide your skateboard longboard deck along the ground.

Don't start too fast when you start to practice, relax and practice slowly.

Quick start action: Push the board with your feet and start fast

Step 1: Push the board out with your front foot, and then your body catches up

Step 2: Your hind feet pedal the ground, then step out your front foot,  and step on the skateboard.

Practice Skills: You can practice thein-situ springboard, stand your body directly behind the skateboard, then find the position of the bridge nail to jump up, and find the feeling of the springboard.

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