Knowledge About Electric Skateboards Bearings

Skateboard Bearing knowledge

Bearing is the most precise part of the skateboard, is also the most commonly questioned part of the slider, so it is necessary to focus on the introduction, especially to explain the difference between the skateboard bearing and industrial bearings.

Industrial bearings

Bearings for high-speed industrial motors.

Accuracy class of industrial bearings

The accuracy level of industrial bearings is actually called Abec level, which is what we usually call the bar 5 bar 7 or something. ABEC (annulus) is the abbreviation for the annulus Bearing Engineers Committee (annulus), which is used to measure the dimensions, tolerances, geometric shapes and noise standards for industrial bearings. The ABEC system consists of ABEC minus 1,3,5,7,9, which is what we call the barons 1,3,5,7,9. The higher the grade, the smaller the error, the more precise the bearing. The high-precision bearing is mainly suitable for high-speed industrial motors, working in clean factory workshops, running at 20,000 to 30,000 revolutions per minute.

The Skateboard Bearing

Install bearings on slide wheels.

The difference between slide bearing and industrial bearing

Working environment: industrial bearings work in the clean factory floor. Bearing in the outdoor, dust, sand, mud, water and other foreign bodies will cause damage to the bearing.

Working mode: industrial bearings only need a high-speed operation. The slide bearing needs to bear the huge impact and torsion.

Working speed: industrial bearings need a high-speed operation, 20,000 to 30,000 revolutions per minute. If the skateboard bearing 20,000 to 30,000 turns then the sliding speed will get more than 200 kilometers per hour!!! Because they don't need the high speed of industrial bearings.


Abec grade is used to measure industrial bearings. It has nothing to do with skateboard bearings. The performance of two bearings with the same Abec grade in the skateboard can be completely different. So we want to come out of the misunderstanding, do not say what bar a few bars a few, it has nothing to do with the skateboard bearing.

Skateboard bearing company

Many skateboard bearing companies just choose an industrial bearing and put a dust ring with their own name, which is pure OEM. Only a small number of a skateboard bearing companies are dedicated to the study of real skateboard bearing, real impact resistance, steering load resistance, dust, sand, mud, water.


If the bearing into the sand must be opened to clean, push out the dust ring from the opposite side, and then wash out the sand, water can, because the bearing should be water-free, because there is oil. Then it will dry and add some oil, which will greatly extend the bearing life. If the bearing birdsong is too dry and out of oil, by this time it is too late, do not wait until the bearing birdsong should be maintained. Wash and oil it now. Bearing maintenance for a year no problem.

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